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Dental Fillings in Surrey Hills

Dental Fillings Surrey Hills
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Dental Fillings

At Graceful Dental, we restore the function and stability of a damaged tooth with artistically designed and natural-looking fillings.

We highly recommend regular dental checkups to prevent cavities, but you should make an appointment immediately if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

If a cavity is found, we may suggest a filling to prevent further decay or to simply ease your discomfort.

The most common cause of holes in the teeth also known as cavities is the bacteria in the mouth causing the tooth to rot. Acidic, and sugary foods and drinks, and skipping regular check ups to the dentist is a quick recipe for cavities. Once there is a hole in the tooth, the tooth structure is weakened and the tooth should be restored.

To prevent further significant damage to your tooth, our dental professionals at Graceful Dental will remove the decayed area and fill it with a white filling that looks like a normal tooth.
There are four types of filling materials:

  1. Composite fillings: which are the most common. These are referred to as “white fillings”.
  2. Porcelain fillings - are commonly known as inlay/onlay.
  3. Gold fillings- these are made in the lab, require a couple of visits and are cemented in place.
  4. Amalgam fillings- these are also known as “silver fillings” and they were very popular in the last few decades. These fillings can expand and contract and can cause fractures in the teeth and have decreased in use and popularity in Australia.

We will be able to advise you as to the best treatment and material for your tooth.

If you’ve had local anesthetic during your filling appointment, it’s very important to look after yourself. The anesthetic will cause the tooth and surrounding areas such as the lips, gums and cheek to feel numb so be very careful when eating and drinking. After your filling appointment, the filling is completely set which means you’re able to eat straight away however be careful not to burn yourself with a hot beverage or chew on your cheek. If you have a deep filling and experience some sensitivity, this should fade within a week. If the pain continues, please consult Dr Grace, Dr Lakshmi or Dr Quor for a review.

Remember it’s always important to have teeth filled when the cavity is small as the larger the hole, the weaker the tooth and less successful the treatment is in the long run. So call us today if you have any concerns due to pain or suspicion of cavities.

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