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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Surrey Hills

Dental Crowns Surrey Hills
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A Crown or “cap” is like a custom made, tooth shaped helmet that encases and protects a badly damaged or heavily decayed tooth. Crowns can be made of a number of different materials:

  • All Metal
  • Tooth Coloured Ceramic
  • A combination of both ceramic and metal

Weakened teeth may need the extra support of a crown to withstand the heavy forces of biting. Teeth weaken if they are heavily broken down, have received trauma, have large fillings or have had root canal treatment. Over time, the cyclical load of eating can cause the teeth to break down further. Unlike other parts of our body, our teeth cannot regenerate or heal. For example, if you cut your hair, it will grow back, if you break a leg, it will heal. Teeth do not have this capability. This is why it is so important to look after your teeth with regular dental check ups. When the teeth are heavily broken down, the crown can help to support the tooth by acting like a helmet.

A crown when placed over the tooth is a permanent fixture and is held in place by dental cement to protect it from further deterioration or potential extraction. We suggest this solution to restore the structure and strength of a damaged, cracked or broken tooth.

There’s usually two appointments when making a crown or bridge.  The first appointment involves shaping the tooth. At the following visit, the temporary crown will be exchanged for a custom made crown that fits your tooth perfectly. We will cement the crown on to your tooth once it has passed all our strict requirements.


A missing tooth can have a tremendous impact on your confidence and everyday activities. At Graceful Dental, we provide dental bridges for patients who want to fill in the gap. Supported by surrounding teeth, a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth and is expertly designed to fit seamlessly with your other teeth, making it an inconspicuous solution to a previously visible problem. A bridge usually replaces one or two missing teeth by using the teeth adjacent to the gap as anchors for the new tooth replacement. Ask us about dental implants or dentures which is another way of replacing missing teeth.

Like natural teeth, crowns and bridges need to be looked after carefully. There is no life time guarantee however if the crowns and bridges are well maintained, they can last for many years. Just like natural teeth, it is very important to be brushing twice a day and flossing every night and maintaining regular check ups. If you have a missing tooth or know you have large fillings, get in touch with us to help restore and strengthen your teeth to help them last longer.

Dental Bridges Surrey Hills
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